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Ideas out of nowhere, to work anywhere.
My produced and conceptual portfolio will be here soon.
Until then... let's chat, coffee and create.
:) Rog

  • Allin-Towbars- Best
  • Angove-Long-Row-Nose
  • Athletes-Foot-Likes
  • Audi- Smarter -Billboard
  • Complete-Pest-Control-Cockroaches
  • Complete-Pest-Control- OH-NO
  • Coopers-AFL-Round-1
  • DiBella- We-know-you-love-coffee
  • EFM-Health-Club-Happy-Ball
  • EFM-Health-Clubs-Butt
  • EFM-Health-Clubs-Pants
  • Ezy-PLates-Jewels
  • Lang-Homes-Language-of-Quality
  • Maxima-Recruitment- Jobseekers
  • MountainFresh-Cherry-Apple
  • Nike-Smiley
  • Nippys-Juices- Zinc
  • Pest-Control-Kiss-Arse-Goodbye
  • RAA- Hoo-RAA -Billboard-ambient
  • TIO-Swipe-Visa-Debit-Card-tvc
  • Trucksure-MDs-Door
  • WorkCover- Hands-On -billboard
  • Xmas-eCard--Pest-Control

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